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Gift Cards

MeritCards gift card solution is targeted to small and medium size merchants that can drive traffic to their businesses, increase sales, build brand awareness and improve customer satisfaction.

Gift Cards are attractive to both consumers and merchants for different reasons. Consumers consistently rate gift cards very highly in terms of satisfaction. Merchants find that the solution's versatility, ease of use and the results derived are well worth the investment. Merchants of every size and type are always looking for an affordable, effective tool that is easy to manage and can help drive traffic, as well as increase sales. Many merchants are aware of gift cards, but are unsure if this solution is right for them and how it would work. The MeritCard Gift Card solution is an effective and versatile tool that provides results for merchants of virtually any size and business type. It is also very easy for both employees and the business owner to manage, track and reconcile.

How It Works

Gift cards can be displayed in-store or be used as a promotional tool to generate awareness and drive traffic — offer them to local businesses, to a local radio or TV station as an instant giveaway, or at events. Gift cards can give you a second chance to make a good impression with an unhappy customer. You can also use them as a way to issue a store return credit, thus ensuring that the money will be spent in your store at a later date.

Help Your Business
  • Get more control and help reduce fraud compared to paper gift certificates as cards are not valid until activated through your terminal.
  • Use your Gift Cards in various creative ways to attract customers — attractive displays, special in-store promotions, as a promotional tool at events or for local businesses, and more.
  • Sign up and get started with minimal upfront investment.
Help Your Customers
  • Customers love Gift Cards because they make gift giving easier
  • Give appealing and memorable gifts
The MeritCard Gift Card solution is compatible with today’s most popular technologies
  • The reloadable feature allows you to create loyal, return customers
  • Bundled packages that include gift cards and promotion materials are available at a very affordable price
  • You can create your own customized unique gift card design or select from a wide variety of standard designs
  • Reporting is available online, on your merchant processing statement, or through your terminal’s receipt paper, making it easy to have information available when you need it
  • A welcome kit that includes a merchant guide with helpful, proven marketing tips to help you create an effective plan for your gift card program

Additional Gift Card information (PDF)