Portfolio Manager


Portfolio Manager provides online tools to help you meet your business needs. These tools improve customer service and allow you to manage your business and merchant portfolio with critical data.

Portfolio Manager provides:

• 18 months of card processing history
• Online Merchant Statements
• Chargeback and Retrieval Data
• Batched Transaction information, both
  summary and detail
• Transaction Qualification
• Demographic information on your portfolio

The Dashboard gives you an instant overview of your Portfolio and transaction activity for the day, the month, or annually. It also provides information on how the account was set up; the discount rate, the per item charge, the MCC code and mc so you can verify your merchants are being billed and charged correctly.

Portfolio Manager can help you keep more of the business you work hard to obtain.


Track all the merchants in your portfolio and verify account settings, banking information, card type acceptance, funding flags, and much more. Know exactly how your merchant’s account record is built and service your portfolio with knowledge and confidence.

Provide the most advance online merchant reporting available in the industry to your merchants. Portfolio Manager contains some of the best analytics displayed through graphical interface and exportable reports.

Manage access for your agents and their accounts through a maintenance page.

Let MeritCard help you manage your business and merchant portfolio and provide the tools to improve customer service. Portfolio Manager provides the opportunity to create new revenue streams, mitigate merchant attrition, and help your office stay on top of service issues. All in one safe and secure online environment.

For a quick demo of Portfolio Manager or to find out more about how Meritcard is tailored to meet the needs of your organization please contact us at 877-396-3748 or email us at information@MeritCard.com.

“MeritCard's Portfolio Manager lets me take control of my merchant accounts. It allows me to provide the customer service and high touch support that I promised the merchant when the account was sold. It's an invaluable tool that our office uses everyday”.
-- Lynn, Processing Strategies