Merchant accounts are submitted into our proprietary EDGE Portal. Each account is time stamped and updates are provided to ensure you can track the status and provide accurate information to Team members and Agents.

Accounts are reviewed and a credit decision is rendered quickly thanks to a proprietary scoring system that allows our Underwriters to focus on key processing risk factors.

Our goal is to communicate effectively with your operation to board, underwrite and implement each Client in a timely manner. In order to accomplish this goal we encourage our Partners to develop a direct relationship with each of our Underwriters. Only through this communication can we better understand how the account was sold and the merchants expectations.


The EDGE Portal allows you to communicate directly to our Underwriting and Risk Team and is a central repository for all your account information. Within EDGE you will find:

• Running Totals on Accounts Submitted
• Account Status
• Underwriting and Risk Notes
• Complete PDF Documentation for each Account
• Customer Service and Helpdesk Notes
• Account Residual Information

The Portals Dashboard gives you a glimpse of accounts submitted for the day, week, month and year. Along with helpful information on why an account has been “pended” or if any additional documents are required for approval.

Also on the Dashboard is an RSS Feed from Payments News to help keep you updated on news in and around our industry.

The EDGE Resource Center provides you with a catalog of useful documents, forms, instructional videos and Card Association information.


Open and track ticket requests submitted by your office directly to our Operations, Underwriting, or Risk department. The Ticket system allows you to manage updates or changes to existing accounts in your portfolio, or simply request additional information from a department within MeritCard.

At a glance on the Dashboard view the last 4 merchant accounts submitted by your office and the current status.

The EDGE Dashboard gives you a glimpse of all your merchant accounts submitted for the month. An Application Status display allows you to see where your accounts are in the process and provides a hyperlink that allows you to view the account detail.

Helpful information about our industry and news that affects you every day is available through an RSS feed that links you directly to the full story. Dashboard charts allow you to see at a high level the percentage of high risk in your portfolio and the current application count trend.

The EDGE Resource Center lets you pull documents related to products and services available through MeritCard. The Resource Center is kept up-to-date to allow your office to stay informed and access all forms at the click of the mouse.

The EDGE system is continuously being updated, enhanced, and improved upon. This proprietary system can be customized to fulfill the needs of your Office and Agents.

For a quick demo of EDGE or to find out more about how MeritCard is tailored to meet the needs of your organization please contact us at 877-396-3748 or email us at information@MeritCard.com.

“Having access to the EDGE Portal I can now board my own accounts and receive status updates via email that let me stay connected to the Merchant. I use to fax in an application and cross my fingers I eventually would get paid”.
-- Terry, Republic Payment