Digital Signature


Staying ahead of the competition in the merchant services industry requires being easy to do business with. That process starts with an application that is intuitive and automated.

MeritCard has partnered with DocuSign to automate documents and signatures and truly transform the application gathering process.

Documents get completed faster which means your merchant is up and processing in no time. Plus DocuSign’s guided, error-proof signing experience means 100% complete documents every time.

Eliminate the paperwork from your life and enjoy the convenience of an electronic document with anywhere, anytime access. The program works simply off an internet connected device which includes all mobile devices. As with everything MeritCard does, this process helps keep all merchant information and data secure and is fully TRUSTe certified and PCI Compliant.

"Electronic signature has changed the way our office does business. No more Merchant Applications through mail or a fax that we had to turn around and send to MeritCard. Using the Electronic Signature allows our merchants to execute a document with the click of a mouse and have the document send directly to the queue at MeritCard. Quick and easy for us and more importantly, our merchants."

Jon Allen – Elixir Processing